Innovative People Who Are Living Years Ahead Of Their Time

Visualizing what life would be in the future is always an amazing thing. But these innovative people are already showing us a glimpse of the future. You may think that the current state of our generation is at its full progression. Of course, people are reaping the benefits of computers, internet, and other technological advancements. It seems like there’s nothing we could ask for more. But let these innovative people remind us that progress has no limit and there are still lacking things in life. Take a look at our list.


You don’t actually need an eye mask to help you fall asleep during your travel. As long as you have long hair to cover your eyes.

Non-splatter cooking oil hasn’t been invented yet. While specialists are still studying how to make it, we can come up with clever ideas on our own for the meantime.

There will be no selfie sticks in the future because people will be ditching them. They’ll be using their feet instead.

Your enemies can no longer track where you’re going but they can definitely track where you came from.

Canada is already light-years ahead of our time. All countries outside Canada should take a hint from it.

One look at the labels and you’ll instantly understand which is which. Even girls will certainly agree to this.

Red Lobster biscuits alone can really make my day. But Red Lobster biscuit burgers? They surely look tempting and delicious.

People who belong to the future



This life hack can definitely benefit lazy people who don’t want to wash dishes. But imagine how this can hurt the environment if all people start using disposable plastic bags for this reason.

Luxury fashion is running out of ideas so now they’re getting inspiration from the lower-class. If this continues, expect the hobo outfit to be the thing in future fashion.

What a sneaky way to get away from illegal parking. Parking enforcement must devise a countermeasure for this trick.

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