Inexpensive Ideas For Keeping Your Children Entertained

Some kids will have plenty of toys but still seem to get bored. This is normal, but it can be annoying for parents who need to get chores done. Here we have some inexpensive and creative ideas that your kids will love! There’s plenty to choose from so you’re bound to find something to suit you. Not only are these ideas cheap and inventive, but adults can have plenty of fun getting involved with them too. Take a look! 

Place some play dough into a balloon and you’ve got a fun, squishy new toy! 

Make a balloon rocket! You will need… a piece of yarn or fishing line that measure approximately 6 feet, a balloon, 2 chairs, a cocktail straw, a pair of scissors and some tape. Tie one end of your yarn to the back of a chair and then thread it through the straw. One the straw is in place, tie the other end of the string to your second chair. Inflate your balloon (do not secure the end just hold it) and carefully tape it to the straw. Release and off your rocket goes! 

kid entertainment ideas balloon rocket


Make tennis a house friendly game by using balloons as balls and crafting rackets from paper plates like in the images below!

If you’ve got some bubble wrap lying around, you can create your little one some shoes that they can use for painting. This stops them getting paint on their skin, makes fun popping sounds and can easily be discarded and replaced. 

If your kids like to hang out in forts and tents, let them craft a fake camp fire to really set the scene! 

Let you kid’s explore their creativity by designing their own clothes!

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that keep children engaged. By taping a cardboard roll to the wall, your child can drop things down it and you’ll be surprised at how much they enjoy it! 

Bowling is a great game that doesn’t have to be played on a large scale. By using a few house hold items you can create your child their own DIY bowling alley. We recommend (depending on your child’s age) marbles as bowling balls! 

Painting on wet glue with food coloring can be super fun and what you’re left with looks pretty awesome!

Use two sticks and a rope paired with some bubble solution and you can make some giant bubbles! 

An indoor slide provides hours of endless fun. All you need is some cardboard! The best part is it costs next to nothing and you can easily store and reuse the cardboard when it’s needed. 

Your kids will be fascinated to see what happens to a bar of soap when you place it in the microwave. 

Get your kids to draw some characters using chalk and then give them some old clothes of theirs that no longer fit to dress the characters with! 

Isn’t it great how for so many of these ideas you already have everything you need at home? Every one knows it’s hugely important to their development to keep kids stimulated and active which is why we give a thumbs up to so many of these suggestions. If you’re someone whose kids get bored quickly and easily, you can always just make your way down this list to keep things interesting for them! 

Exploding plastic bags might be a little messy but can be a lot of fun. Make sure you use washable paint so that you can water down the mess easily! If the paint is skin friendly, you can let your child stamp on the bags, or, alternatively you can give them something to pop the bags with from a distance.

To replicate the awesome rainbow bubbles you see in the image below, you will need a plastic bottle, some tape, dish washing liquid, a sock, some water and some food coloring. Cut the bottom off of your plastic bottle and slide the sock over it. Grab your food coloring and put a few drops on to the sock. Mix your dish washing liquid in a bowl with some water and then dip your bottle (sock end) into the mixture and blow!

Take a container such as a lid of a box that is airtight with no where for things to leak and fill it with sugar (or sand) so your child can have fun drawing various things. 

kid entertainment ideas sand box


Burlap is an ideal material for providing your child with a sewing station! 

All you need for this awesome game is some chalk and a few sponges! By copying the layout of the image below you will be left with a kid friendly version of darts that provides plenty of amusement! 


Fashion a spider web made from sticky tape then give your children some paper balls that they can throw towards it. 

Use tape to create a car track! 

By taking a tarp, some rope, some tape and a marker pen, you can create an awesome target game like the one below! 

If you happen to have a lot of tin foil lying around, you could make a ‘river’ like the one in the image below! This is great for jumping on during a hot day as the splashes will keep kids cool. 

Sponges have so many uses! This cool idea involves cutting them up into pieces that can be stacked. They are also great tools for helping your child learn how to count and to teach them to distinguish between different colors. 

Use tape to create a fun indoor (or outdoor) hopscotch course!

kid entertainment ideas use tape for hopscotch


This one takes a little bit of effort but again costs very little. Using some yarn to bring the idea to life, you can tell your kids to imagine they are on a secret mission and they must get from one side of the course to the other without touching the ‘lasers’. If they touch the yarn mid course, they must return to the beginning. This is an activity that keeps children occupied for ages!