These Hilarious Images Show The Interesting Logic That Cats Have

If you want a companion that will provide you with endless laughs, a cat is the way to go. The curious, little creatures see the world in a very different way to us humans. Here we have some hilarious images showing what it’s like to live with a cat, and the logic that felines have. Some are ridiculously silly, others we could learn a thing or two from! One thing’s for sure, this post just reinforces our love for cats! Take a look, laugh and enjoy!
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‘What is this new and unnecessary contraption?’ 

Who doesn’t like having their necks restricted whilst eating..?

This is like when someone offers you a bed but you would rather sleep on the floor…

‘Don’t you guys know? The floor is lava!’

This cat seems very happy with its new present… well the packaging anyway!

That facial expression! This cat means business.

Cats just do whatever the hell they want!

Maybe this cat was trying to get rid of the hiccups?

We hope this pizza was (sadly) thrown away!

When you hit the gym far too hard…


A hug and a meal all in one!

This cat has found a good heat source.

Clever little thing!