12 Awesome Illustrations Showing What Happens When Food And Cartoons Mix

Although food is often loved and admired, there’s no arguing the whole point of the substance is to be eaten so that we can sustain our health. But, this doesn’t mean it can’t be used in other interesting ways! Cartoonist Korhan Ercin has an awesome imagination and a talent for drawing. Korhan doesn’t just see a boring piece of fruit or veg, he sees an opportunity to create something unique. Take a look and see what happens when foods and cartoons intertwine!
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‘Killing The Tomatoooo’

‘Ba Ba Ba Na Na Na Me Du Saa Sa Sa Sa’

‘Hello Earthling’

‘Gypsy Queen’

‘Summer Kebab’

‘Lemon Prince’

‘Mermaid The Green’

‘Cucumber Ninja’

‘The Nutcracker’

‘May The Plum Be With You’

‘The Last Samurai’

‘Do Not Squeeze Me, I’m Scared’