27 Amusing Images Showing What It Would Be Like If Cats Could Text

Many animals are capable of being taught instruction. And, many pet owners feel that they communicate with their animals on an emotional level. Brilliant creatures such as cats and dogs can sense when we need cheering up and can offer us wonderful comfort. But, wouldn’t it be so interesting to see what your pets would really say to you if they could? Well, here we have the work of a blogger with a great sense of humor. Take a look to see the imagined conversations between cats Mittens, Jackson, Buster and their owner!
Website: TextsFromMyCats

It’s wonderful how easily pleased cats are!

Ha! The old ‘asking for a friend’ trick…

Being a pet owner really is like being a parent.

What a nightmare!

We think there would be a lot of *sighs* if cats could text!

Even cats can’t resist a good pun!

When life just hates you…

R.I.P fish.

Never test a cat’s wild side!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is awesome, to be fair.

Just what a person wants on their birthday! 

This would probably need to be repeated over and over again! Cats just don’t seem to understand mirrors!

So, not having thumbs is the reason this wouldn’t be possible…? Haha!

Being a female sucks sometimes!

We absolutely love how plausible all of these conversations are! Cats are brilliantly intelligent creatures at times but they truly do get up to all sorts of mischief and silly antics. There’s something truly funny about imagining a cat casually using a phone having a rant about its day. Buster, Jackson and Mittens seem like great fun and full of personality. Keep going to learn more about them!

This is a really good one. Well played, Buster.

Buster must be a good boy then!

Shiny, dangling objects are hard for most to resist let alone cats!

Not used q-tips, we hope!


Brilliant tactic!

A life without bacon… we couldn’t!

Revenge for being a mischievous cat!

A great reason to own a cat… spider exterminator!

Waste isn’t a joke Buster!

These things happen sometimes… with no explanation…

Not a good enough hiding place, clearly!

‘Hoodlums’ love it!