How To Build Your Own DIY Backyard Bowling Alley

If you’re a bowling enthusiast, this post was made with you in mind! Bowling is a great sport that can involve plenty of people and provide never ending fun. What’s more, it doesn’t cost too much to go to a bowling alley. However, if you’re a regular player, the costs can mount up, and, what about those who don’t have easy access to a bowling alley? Well, Imgur user ‘Makgyver87’ may have a solution for you! Putting his skills and imagination to work, he used good planning and preparation to construct his very own DIY backyard bowling alley. Check out how it all went down below!

Before the hard labor began, calculations and plans were needed.

Following this, a computer aided design (CAD) drawing.

Supplies were gathered and construction began!

Off to a good start!

Already you can tell this is going to end up awesome!

Here you see the bowling pins being prepped and modified.

Enabling them to work in this pulling system!

What a simplistic yet genius contraption!

The string runs to the front of the bowling alley allowing for easy resetting.

A side view.

Skirting was added, everything was correctly leveled off and the pulling system was running smoothly.

But, it gets even better!

Lights for night time mode!

Perfect for evening parties and BBQ’s.

Do you think you could create your own DIY backyard bowling alley?

Here you can see a similar DIY bowling alley in action!