Hilarious Pics Showing How Far The Human Race Has Come

Just when you thought that human race is progressing over the years, these frantically funny pics will tell you otherwise. The evolution of mankind is infinite and human race will continue to evolve with time. But evolution may not be a good thing if it turns the wrong way. We often incorporate evolution with progress but that’s not the case for humankind right now. While modern technology is greatly changing the ways of life, people’s way of thinking is also changing. Get ready to burst out laughing at these frantically funny pics courtesy of our fellow human beings.

Some fans can be too self-entitled sometimes. As if it’s not enough to take a selfie with Coolio, this one have the guts to also spill her drink on him.

It’s either this woman is just trolling us or she actually have no idea how to use a bidet. We do hope she’s just trolling because it would be disgusting to learn that she actually drank from that toilet fountain.

Consider the mistake as a blessing in disguise. Can I get an Amen?

Well, that escalated real quick. When Mommy says ‘no’, it really means NO. So no party for you tonight.

Imagine being all exited to use your new Star Wars toaster and this happens…

How not to open your new charging cable…

When your girlfriend eats dog biscuits thinking they are Christmas cookies…

No, you’re not supposed to hit the ceiling! You’re supposed to hit the pins!

The girl in this photo sent the image to her partner to ask if the cables photographed were HDMI…

What happens when you ask your husband who is way taller than you to hang up a mirror…


This guy apparently enjoys his bubble-bath and now he’s drowning in too much bubbles. I guess too much is never enough for humankind.

When a urinal is too powerful that it can kick a toilet out of its cubicle.

Fiercely funny photos showing the hilarity of humankind

People may not know it but bananas have natural packaging that keep them fresh and clean. We’re talking about the banana’s yellow skin that we usually peel off. Basically, bananas don’t need any more protection.

This repair shop will have a difficult time explaining to the car’s owner what actually happened here. The owner certainly brought his car here for a maintenance check and now his car looks nothing but a pancake.

And it looks like it’s about to hatch. Are we finally get to see a real dragon hatchling?


That facepalm moment when your 5 years of hard-work instantly goes into shambles.

Online shopping 101: ask for the actual size of the item before finalizing a purchase.

That door will literally lead you to your death. And guests need to fly in order to enter this house.

Someone is definitely clueless about the difference between Alicia Silverstone and Lindsay Lohan.

We can just let the wrong spelling pass but calling Lion King overrated is unforgivable. Throw this guy into the loin den… I mean, lion den!


None of us expect life to be peachy at all times. However, when we are buying a product that has been advertised in a certain way, you tend to have a level of standards you are willing to accept. For example, we all know burgers always look better on TV than they do in person, so, we’ll often let that slide. And, when we see a nut covered treat we know there’s probably not going to be as many nuts as the picture. That’s just life! But, here we have some images that downright take the cake! Prepare to feel a whole lot of sympathy and disappointment for the people responsible for these amusing images!

For anyone who’s curious, putting your wet clothes in the microwave will not make them dry quicker.

When fly fishing goes wrong…

Damn you, Subway!

Some things are better left unsaid…

The guy who took this picture was having a cooking contest with his girlfriend. This is how she chose to cook her steak. What a waste! 


Some of these images and tales have left us truly shocked! To be fair, a lot of them are harmless mistakes, but the story style images are the most astounding! It’s actually a good thing that some of these incidents happened because it showed that the people involved weren’t compatible for a relationship. Keep going to see more amusing moments that people realized their partners might need to take a return trip to school! 

For those that want to keep their padlock keys safe, this is not the answer.

This person’s girlfriend asked what the ‘no’ switch meant…

One naive husband asked his wife’s gynecologist if he was a Texas Longhorn…

Companies that do this need to be stopped!

Disappointment in a box – child edition!


This pizza is a disgrace to all pizzas!

Here’s a great example of a ‘soccer kit’ to steer clear from!

So, imagine you’re super hungry, you go to eat your lunch and this happens…

Let’s hope this person loved strawberry flavor and wasn’t too keen on chocolate!

Wow! How great does the REAL McDonald’s burrito look?


We hope these people didn’t have to pay for this sham!

 This is so sneaky!

The middle is the best part! How annoying!

False advertising is utterly ridiculous these days!

If you made it this far let us know in the comments below, which one was your favorite?