Horror Movie Cliches That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

Who doesn’t enjoy a good horror movie once in a while? But these annoying horror movie cliches will definitely make you irk. Scary movies can make you scream in fright but they can also make you shout in frustration sometimes. Don’t you just hate it when the protagonists suddenly act stupid at some point in the movie? And they even choose to do dumb things when things are going to be bloody. Here is our list of horror movie cliches that you certainly can relate to.


Only horror films can turn innocent children into creepy creatures. If you’re fond of scary movies, you know it’s time to scream when children appear on screen.

Horror movies seem to never run out of cats to give people a scare. When the scare-level slowly elevates, expect some random cat to jump out of nowhere as if to prank viewers.

In thriller movies, a person can sleep so deeply that she can’t even notice an intruder coming into her room at night, cuts her hair, and leaves a message on the mirror. How could that be possible? A tiny mosquito passing over me is enough to wake me up from my slumber.

How can the nerd guy get the hot chick? It’s quite simple. The nerd guy only has to save the girl’s life from the hands of a serial killer. Presto! The girl is all his!

The setting should always be in an abandoned house where no phones or other kinds of communications to the outside world are working. The house should be in a remote spot where there are no neighbors who can hear you when you scream for help.

Just when a character finally found a safe place away from the killer, she takes a moment to stop and look behind her. I mean, seriously? When a murderer is running after you, stopping is not an option. Just keep on running!

When a serial killer is on the loose, you should always be vigilant and watch your back all the time. How many times have you yelled on screen just to tell a certain character that death is behind him?

Annoying and overused scenes from horror movies



Killers in thriller movies seem to possess a superhero-level toughness because no matter how fatally wounded they are, they always come back to life.

Why do people always fall down when they are being chased by a killer? Like. every.single.time.

Normally, there’s no way you can still move when you’re shot and stabbed many times. But since we’re talking about horror movies, I guess anything is possible.

No matter how tough a killer is, he’s no match to a group of 6 lively teenagers when they gang up on him at the same time. But for some reason, the stupid youngsters decide to split up and give the killer a chance to get them one by one.

When you hear something suspicious outside, what would you do? Instinct will tell you to lock yourself inside the house and call for help. But 100% of characters in horror movies will search where the danger is lurking just to get killed in the process.

Right after your friends are brutally murdered by a mysterious killer, is it normal to find time for intimacy? That’s unlikely to happen in real life but it can certainly happen in scary movies.

Cars really pick the perfect timing to malfunction. When people’s lives are at stakes and the only chance to get away from harm relies on a car, this is when it won’t start.

Prepare yourself for a scream when the mirror starts to move. Trust me, this scene always happens all the time.