Hilariously Pitiful Photos That’ll Make You Feel Sorry For These People

Are you feeling down today? Try looking at these hilariously pitiful photos and we’ll guarantee these will make you feel better. To know that some people are having a more miserable life than you is somewhat relieving. You’ll certainly feel a little lighter after reading this post. You’ll feel sorry for these unfortunate people more than you’ve ever felt sorry for yourself before. You can laugh or sympathize all you want with these hilariously pitiful photos we have gathered for you.



This makes us question her love for her cat. How could she mistook it for another cat, if she really dearly loves her pet?

Your professor might even give you a high grade… for being completely honest.

Well, there’s the unexpected twist we never anticipate to see.

How lucky can you get? You get a free locker that also comes with a free pole!

When you decide to bring your strife with the deliveryman to a higher level.

He’s still lucky to come out alive from a car accident. Or he wouldn’t have lived to tell the tale.

Poor Scooby-Doo and his whole gang have to find another van to use because this one looks like it has already given up.

Photos of unfortunate people who are having worse than you



Sorry, ladies! But you’ll need to look for another man who can treat you as a little sister.

Let the negotiation begin! From the looks of it, seems like the failing candidates will have a hard time dealing with this man.

I think we get the point of this. Math can really be frustrating at times that it can drive you nuts.

Tomato juice is actually a good beverage. We would be more surprised if she put ketchup on her coffee or tea.

I guess that’s a question for everyone to answer, single or married. But still, the answer is not the one we’re expecting to see.

When the printer toner goes on a terrorist mode and suddenly explodes like a time-bomb.

His choice of tattoo makes me wanna feel sorry for him. Even a real snake will mistake this for a real thing.

These college students are on the verge of giving up and it’s not that hard to see the signs. Well, it’s good to find other alternatives in case you don’t make it through college.