Hilariously Funny Photos For Very Different Reasons

Tragedy is a form of drama that revolves around human suffering in order to evoke emotional relief on the audience. That’s why we’re giving you these tragically funny photos to help you release your emotional burdens. People tend to find pleasure in watching other people’s misfortunes because it’s a way they can vent their own frustrations. In other words, people find solace in other people who bear the same emotional weight they’re having. It’s fine to laugh off your troubles from time to time. Laughter is the most effective remedy for a sick spirit and we’re here to provide your daily dose of laughter. We present to you our collection of tragically funny photos and feel free to laugh at the top of your lungs.



When gas prices are too high that you have to trade your soul for a liter of supreme gas.

Did an underground monster sheds its skin underneath this toilet? Whatever that thing is, we better not know where it came from.

At least she lived to tell the tale of how an eyeliner didn’t budge despite the accident. I guess she’s okay since she has the time and strength to write a review.

That awkward moment when you found out that some stranger used your picture without your knowledge and even claimed that you liked him.

When everyone around you is achieving their dreams and having a good life, while you’re still the couch potato as you always were.

As a matter of fact, walls are good listeners. They may not respond to you but at least they listen.

They say alcohol bring outs the real you. Does this mean that girls are naturally friendly and guys are naturally quarrelsome?

Hysterically funny photos that’ll lighten up your day


The price for education is hefty. And the real challenge starts after finishing it. So why would anyone spend a fortune for this?

Babies can drink cow’s milk all they want, people can eat meat all they want, and vegans can eat all the vegetables and fruits all they want. Can we just mind our own business and stop sticking our noses in other people’s plate?

The children of Hamelin got lured by the pied piper’s music the same way as this girl also got lured by an irresistibly adorable dog.

Should I try a different food this time? Give me time to decide. Alright, give me the same platter I always order.

That very regretful feeling when you see a dramatic decrease in your bank account because you have to pay some bills.

The day has come when you realized that you spent 17 years in school and only 5% of what you learned are actually useful.

Teaching a toddler how to read is much easier than teaching a computer illiterate adult how to use the internet.

Now you have to wear the withstanding evidence of your heartache.