Hilarious Yearbook Quotes That Will Go Down In History As The Best

A yearbook is something that many of us lost a long time ago or never had in the first place. But, for others, a yearbook is a cherished keepsake full of good memories. Traditionally, alongside a pupil’s name there is a tagline chosen by them. This could be an ambition, a joke or something they were known for, to list a few examples. A lot of people don’t put too much thought into this but here we have a selection of students who absolutely nailed their yearbook quotes. Take a look!

Uh oh!

How unfortunate is this…

Did he mean ‘fingers’? Or, are we missing the joke?!

funny-yearbook-quotes count on them


People must have sang that song at him all the damn time.

funny-yearbook-quotes did not have a farm


We wonder how annoyed mom was…

We couldn’t have summed things up any better!

Our kind of girl! 

Well played, Xenia.

This guy has a sweet smile.

funny-yearbook-quotes happier we get the less we see


But, will this change if she gets married?


What a witty girl.

Carlos should maybe send some of that hatred towards whoever named him!

funny-yearbook-quotes i hate my name


We’d love to see where these people ended up in life. With their senses of humor and great attitudes we would imagine very far! If you’re a student reading this, we hope you have been given some good inspiration and that this post has spurred you on to put some effort in to your own yearbook quote. After all, you never know, somewhere down the line you might become internet famous for it! Keep going to see more hilarious images!

We love how secure this guy is.

funny-yearbook-quotes i hear everything


We’re surprised this one was allowed!

Thank you for pointing that out! 

funny-yearbook-quotes s is silent


This might just be our favorite of them all…

Love her attitude!

funny-yearbook-quotes without having a bad hair day


That’s one way to make sure people understand!

The best explanation ever.

funny-yearbook-quotes voldemort on my head


Oh Megan, other terrible things await in adulthood!

Keeping things simple and to the point…

funny-yearbook-quotes im black


Ohhh, a burn from Lauren!

funny-yearbook-quotes twins


If you’re in need of a motivational speech…

Most sets of twins could say this! 

Said everyone ever.

funny-yearbook-quotes i look better in person


Extremely hard in this case!

funny-yearbook-quotes single mother