Hilarious Things That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head In Confusion

The obvious signs are there to remind us that human intellect is gradually degrading. Sadly, we often refuse to see these hilarious dumb signs because we can’t accept the fact that we are idiots. And we certainly don’t want other people telling us about our stupidity, although it’s true. If you believe that you are smart then feel free to laugh at these foolish people. But if you think you’re one of them, you can still laugh at them nonetheless. Here is our collection of the hilariously dumb signs telling us that humanity is slowly turning away from progress.


It’s alarming to know that there are dumb people who would actually drink water from a toilet. But I hope they’re smart enough to understand this sign.

Alas, we missed it yesterday! Better luck tomorrow, I guess.

Umm… I don’t think that hook is intended to hang your pet while you do your business in the toilet.

Money is indeed the root of all betrayal. It can also make you betray yourself.

There’s a big difference between a ramp and a slide. Common sense will tell you that the accessibility sign is nothing but pointless.

There’s a reason why pushcarts are given its name push-carts. This is mainly because they are designed to be pushed with the use of wheels. So when you see a pushcart without wheels, it’s probably defective and you better look for other pushcarts… with wheels.

We understand that he might not be a coffee-drinker just like us but at least he should know how to hold a mug the right way.

Funny stupid signs showing people’s silliness



So basically, this is a freelancer-office that doesn’t have a fixed schedule.

If only selfie sticks could talk, this woman could have heard a thing or two.

Thank you, Chipotle! Some people really need to know that a door is different from a window.

I guess he didn’t see this coming. He should know that no one gets away from impersonations as long as real police officers are around.

Pinning a bike into a pole like this won’t guarantee its security. Unless the thief is so weak that they can’t even lift a light bike.

The people in this neighborhood must be all idiots that they need a sign to indicate another sign.

Some people just can’t seem to understand the meaning of words. One hour equals 60-minutes, not 30-minutes and definitely not 10-minutes.

Let me predict what’s gonna happen next. The ATV starts pulling the rope along with the two guys. But the mattress stays where it is and the two guys will mow all the grass that comes their way.