These Hilariously Sarcastic E-Cards Perfectly Describe Parenting

You’ll often hear from parents that having a child is the best thing they ever did. You’re opened up to an array of new and strong emotions, mainly, of course, love. However, included in this new list of feelings is also complete exhaustion! Many parents who don’t hold back on sharing the hardships of parenthood will admit that a sane life often involves a regular glass of wine (or three), bribery and play dates with other fellow exhausted parents. Here we have 28 rather amusing sommecards that perfectly describe parenting in a sarcastic and sassy way. Take a look!
Website: Someecards

What you feel like saying when people think parenting is a walk in the park…

A very close second!

Logic these days!

Oh, the naivety!

Pinterest is awesome.

Like a bullet out of a gun!

When you have friends who are parents…

A tricky situation right here…

Sacrifices are often made…

Children logic!


When you take your baby home for the first time…

Can you imagine your child saying this to you? Naughty step, now!

One of the positive side effects of pregnancy!

Whether you’re reading this as a parent, or someone who doesn’t have children, we’re sure you’re appreciating the humor. If you’re in the latter category of people, you’ve now got an amusing glimpse into what parenthood can be like, and it’s no easy feat! We can imagine plenty of mums and dads reading this nodding along in agreement, feeling glad that they aren’t alone in their not so prim and proper thoughts and attitudes to parenting. Keep going to read more hilarious ecards!

So early, it’s still dark.

Well, when you look at it like that… damn.

The perfect decoy!


The attitude of some women…

The foolproof way of getting your kid’s attention…

Take a deep breath and remember!

This is so relatable!

The most blissful part of any parent’s day!

Luckily for the kids involved!

What you feel like saying to certain people…

A harsh reality sometimes!

This would certainly worry older children/teenagers!

A good system to adopt!