15 Hilarious Pub Signs Created By A Talented Lady And Some Chalk

Most of us at one point or another have walked past a pub or bar that has a chalk sign outside of it trying to entice us in. Some are better than others, but generally they have a deal of the day with a price or something like that. However, one establishment is doing things differently! The owner of a bar in Dahlonega, Georgia is lucky enough to be friends with the talented lady that is Ollie Wolff Pruitt. Ollie is quite the dab hand when it comes to creating witty and impressive chalk board signs. Take a look and you’ll see what we mean!
Website: Imgur

This is a good one.

We hadn’t heard this one before! 

What word was used before time existed?!

The colors in this one are super cool!

Deb sounds like a great person.

A pun at its best…

We want a spirit burger!

If cats went to bars…

To be fair, pubs must lose a lot of money from overly drunk punters not paying their tabs!

We’re very grateful we don’t have hairy eyeballs! 

Must be some damn good burgers!

Finally, the mystery is solved!

Hopefully a lot of money was made with the assistance of this awesome sign.

Well, this isn’t a lie!

And, so do we!