10 Hilarious ‘Store Tips’ Planted By Someone With A Great Sense Of Humor

There’s certain people in life who just love to mix things up a bit. And, we think those types of people are great! They keep life interesting by adding surprising elements to people’s lives. One such great example is Imgur user ‘ObviousPlant’ who decided to bring some humor to the local shoppers at a store. Comical ‘tips’ (that looked very professional) were planted around various products. We’re glad to know the customers that stumbled across these tips would have had a good laugh. Take a look!

Remember to purchase the battered bread, though!

This would be a shocking sight!

We bet loads of people actually do this!

Be a bit careful, if you decided to try this one out!

Not the best line we’ve ever heard but amusing nonetheless!

Please don’t try this, ever!

Cookies help, trust us!

Don’t cry! It will all be okay!

This is gross! 

We think we’ll pass on this one!