Hilarious Photoshopped Animals You Wish Were Real

Editing photos has never been easier with Photoshop and there are lots of great Photoshop wizards out there. But some people seem to abuse their power as you can see from these awful Photoshop jobs. And what’s even worse is their use of innocent animals for their terrible masterpieces. Awful or not, no one can possibly resist the charm of adorable animals. We have gathered examples of awful Photoshop jobs on animals that you’ll definitely love, whether you like it or not.


You can almost hear this bird saying “What’s the matter? Did I do something wrong?”

Let this cat teach you how to look bad-ass at the end of every action movie.

The highlight of this wedding is when these lovebirds release humans at the end of the ceremony.

Things could really get worse if predators looked as adorable as guinea pigs.

This dog can really portray the most hated villain in the history of cartoon animation. That devilish grin can scar you for life.

The return of the dog with the mysterious smile conquering this famous Mona Lisa portrait.

Stay away from my food or you’ll get what you’re looking for. A bullet through your head.

Terrible but funny Photoshop jobs



It’s a bird! It’s a pug! No, it’s a weird Photoshop job!

I don’t know which is funnier, seeing a hedgehog in a kayak or the name of the hedgehog itself?

Finally, after years of waiting. The much-awaited sequel is finally here! And George will make a surprising cameo as the hero who will come to the rescue.

The classic never gets old especially when touched with Photoshop… and some sleek doggo.

So this bold ostrich stole someone else’s pizza and now it’s being chased with a bow and an arrow. But it still have the guts to taunt its attacker.

This is the closest thing to seahorse… the sealhorse.

Can we call it toothfish then?

Bill finally met his match and his death. Kill Bill the Bird Edition.