Hilarious Memes That Sum Up Everyday Things

How do you vent your frustration to the things that you can’t stand? How about making salty memes to pour out your irritation to these annoying things? We can’t always get all the nice things in life and sometimes nothing is going right in our life. But we can’t just sulk over and let our frustration get the best of us, right? It would certainly help us if we just laugh it off and look at the bright side. There’s a better way to sprinkle saltiness over the things that you can’t stand. And this is where memes come in handy. Take a look at these salty memes that you’ll definitely can relate to.


When you don’t remember asking opinions from other people and yet they still yap about the things that you don’t care about.

What’s the big deal of giving the first comment? Is that considered a great feat?

Hanging up first is never a problem to me, I can do it even with my eyes closed. No problem at all.

This is me when I have to read a very lengthy text message and I’ve no idea how to response to that piece of mess.

Some people don’t seem to understand that it’s illegal to bother someone when they’re already in their pajamas.

When someone tells you something that you already know. Oh please, been there, done that! I don’t need you telling me those things!

Manspreading is never a big deal so please don’t mind if ladies do the same. We’ll just call it womanspreading. Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

Funny memes about annoying things and people’s unbearable stupidity



So, what’s all that ruckus about? Are those for nothing?

The face you make when your circle of friends starts talking about a topic that you have absolutely no idea at all. But you try to get along with the conversation anyway by smiling and nodding at everything they say.

And you wonder how in the world did you fall for that person?

How can someone possibly dislike memes? Go tell them, James!

Getting enough sleep is absolutely more important than getting an education.

That death-glare you give when you remember something in the past that suddenly ignites the animosity you felt back then.

Think about it. It’s actually better to be absent than to arrive late for work.

That’s enough saltiness from me for today. But don’t think I’m a rude person because I haven’t stabbed you yet.