Hilarious Kids Who Went To The Extra Level of Hilarity

Kids are just so cute and innocent, they’re probably the most adorable creatures in the world. But these funny photos of hilarious kids will change the way you look at them. You’ll soon find out that they’re not as innocent as you believe they are.  Children are just as crazy and clever as we grown-ups are. When it comes to hilarity, they can go to greater heights that even adults won’t dare to go. Let these hilarious kids make your day with their pure wittiness and innocent craziness.




This kid’s future is looking bright. He can follow rules and make his own rules at the same time.

When you’re too hooked on a certain song that you can’t get enough of it, you can just play it and click the Repeat button to listen to it over and over again. But kids have different approach. They go to the trouble of creating a playlist and adding the same song 241 times.

A picture is indeed worth more than a thousand words. So next time, show your Mom the picture of the hairstyle you want and don’t bother telling her in words.

This kid will definitely go a long way. Politics will be best suited for this kid of attitude.

When kids do something unusually nice, it only means one thing – they’re up to no good. So when they give you something nice, expect some surprising things hidden within.

Kids can be shy sometimes so when they express their true feelings, they do it in the most subtle ways. This kid has his own way of expressing what he really feels about these foods.

This reminds of the psycho-kid in Toy Story who finds pleasure in dismembering toys in order to create mutant-toys. Is this supposed to be called Knife-Truck or something?

Funny children with their adorable and crazy antics



Kids can be scary good when it comes to being resourceful. No adults could’ve thought of using Legos as defensive armaments.

What’s he trying to do with those UNO cards? Kids these days…

In case you’re lost, find some companion. This is probably what this kid is taught that’s why he sticks around with a mannequin.

If you have kids in the house, finding random things in unexpected places is a common experience. But finding a dirty sock inside a jar of nuts is something new.

If he found his way up to that height, he can surely find his way down from it. But from the looks of it, seems like he definitely needs some help.

Who would mercilessly eat grapes like this? Oh I know, savage kids!

When the teacher instructs you to draw hands on the clocks, kids will literally draw hands on them.

Leave kids for just a couple of seconds and they can reach heights as Spiderman does. We don’t know how they do it but we can certainly say that kids are natural climbers.The only problem is that they don’t know how to get down.