Hilarious Designs That Need A Proper Re-think

Having an evil twin is extremely frustrating because you’re seeing yourself on the person you loathe the most. But you’ll definitely prefer to have an evil twin than to live with these epic design fails. Can these no-good designers get any worse? This is some of the instances where you question what they’re actually thinking when they made these lousy designs. Heck, even a 6-years old kid can do a better job than these! Take a look at these epic design fails and have the pleasure to poke fun at these hilarious photos.


Wheelchairs need ramps and not stairs. Have you tried climbing up a stair on a wheelchair? Why don’t you try to see if it’s possible?

The discrimination is so real. What difference would it make if they let their employees use the same paper towel that customers use?

At first glance, you might think that Russia, France and Algeria are misplaced on bodies of water. But there’s nothing wrong with the labels. The only problem is their choice of color because blue is usually used to denote bodies of water.

This hotel puts their palm-tree logo on every pillow case. It shouldn’t have been an issue if only they’ve made it larger to make the palm-tree more visible. Whoever sees this thing will immediately think it’s a tiny spider. Of course, they would panic.

Spongebob was adorable, as far as I can remember. He is nowhere as creepy as this thing.

Bowls are designed to hold the foods so putting holes in them defeats their purpose. How are we supposed to eat soups with that?

This is exactly the image we see in our minds when gas prices keep rising dramatically. Gas price hike is literally killing us.

Funny design fails you will find hard to believe



There’s the plot twist you’d never expect to see. We’re quite sure that they intend to convey a positive meaning but most people would probably take it the wrong way.

We don’t need someone to point out that if you pour hot liquid into this mug, the handle also heats up. So if you try to touch the handle, get ready to scream Ouch!

This design allows you to look outside while you’re on the toilet. Unfortunately, this also allows other people to peep on you.

This map is totally lacking in so many things. But we’ll just let it pass. However, I’m sure that Britain and Japan have been incorrectly placed. And Africa is a continent, not a country, yet there were two Africas on this map.

Let me get this straight. A foot-long diameter pizza is equivalent to a medium-sized pizza. This leads us to think that a $6 foot-long pizza is not really that great of a deal.

Marie Antoinette is probably rolling over in her grave right now. People of the past would’ve never have imagined that their standard method of judicial execution would be used to cut bagels now.

It would take some time before you can fully understand what these signs are trying to tell. It would be very confusing at first but you’ll definitely get there.

Did they not think of the possibility that someone may not see the glass and run through it? This is an accident waiting to happen.

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