This Guy Gave Cats At An Adoption Center Hilarious Likes And Dislikes To Help Them Get Adopted

It’s no secret that there is an ongoing list of animals waiting to be adopted. When it comes to cats, 2.7 million cats are left unadopted each year. One guy who wanted to do a small something to help out his local adoption center is Jeff Wysaski. Known as ‘ObviousPlant’, Jeff created biography cards showing the amusing likes and dislikes of the cats needing a home at the ‘Sante D’Or Adoption Center’. What a lovely thing to do! Take a look below!
Website: SanteD’OrAdoption/ObviousPlant

All of the cats you see here are real and in need of a home!

You may have seen some of Jeff’s work before as he has an ongoing project sneaking funny signs into various places. 

Jeff planted the cards in a stealthy manner, without the staff at the adoption center noticing…

When they realized what had happened, they invited Jeff down for a chat and to meet the cats.

This helpful gesture has brought a lot of positive attention to the shelter…

…with many people urging other animal shelters to follow suit. 

We really hope that these wonderful cards aided in getting these cats a new home!

It’s lovely to see that there are still people around that try to make our world a better place.

If you are considering adding any pet to your family…

…please consider adoption!

If you love animals but can’t adopt for whatever reason…

…many shelters welcome visitors to interact with their animals…

…this gives the animals as much social interaction as possible, preparing them for when they eventually enter a new family.

The Sante D’Or Foundation is a not-for-profit and volunteer run center.

They provide quality food free of by-products and use biodegradable litter!

Head on down for a visit if you’re in Los Angeles!

The cards in action…