Highly Misleading Photos That Require A Closer Look

How fast can your brain process information from the things your eyes can perceive? You are about to find that out with these highly misleading photos. Tricky images are somewhat captivating because we’ll need some time to figure them out entirely. But even the sharpest vision and quick perception can fall prey to deception. Take your time and have as many takes as you need with these highly misleading photos.


Do what it says and have your mind blown.

So apparently, when you bite the tips of your fingers, you’re actually giving them faces. Why don’t you try it yourself?

It would be such a waste to drop a pricey wine and breaking it in the process. So here’s the solution for the slippery bottle problem.

Who says coffee maker can only make coffee? You can also cook noodles with it. Actually, you can cook almost anything with it.

If you pick this pack of pear, it also comes with a bonus – a big, deep bite.

Now we know that pleated dickie shorts can make us look like a midget. You may want to avoid it if you’re a short person.

You’ll probably won’t notice anything wrong with these bottles at first glance. But look closely. For those who love Pepsi with all their hearts, they’ll immediately notice that the colors of the logo are wrong.

This cheese bread deserve the name air bread more because it doesn’t contain any cheese at all – just air.

Things that are not what they seem to be



The cheese bread above is nothing compared to this jar of bologna. This is nothing but empty promises.

Why is that certain letter misaligned from the rest? Is there something behind this that we don’t know?

Is this a mouth or a hand? Are these teeth or nails? Of course, this is just a nail art. But look at the cavity on one of those teeth-nails.

Is it just me or is this chick trying to reenact Keanu Reeves’ iconic dodge-move in The Matrix?

Rocks have never looked this yummy. This is actually a treat for the eyes but it somehow satisfies my sweet tooth.

Please spare our beloved Toy Story characters from this creepiness. And as far as I can remember, I’ve never seen Woody looked so gloomy like this. Of course, it would be strange to see him smiling on the graveyard but still…

Take a moment to have a closer look. The man isn’t wearing tight pants and high heels. That’s actually the girl. The man is the one sitting, the girl is hugging him from behind.