14 Heartwarming Photos Of Animals That Show Us Why They’re The Best

It’s time to uplift your spirits with these heartwarming animal photos. They say animals are beautiful people but I’ll beg to disagree with this one. The truth is, animals are way more beautiful than any human being alive. Their innocent nature and affection towards their masters are only few of the things that make them so fascinating. We have gathered these heartwarming animal photos showing that animals are just like us, or maybe even better than us.



This buck shows up everyday on the front porch so the homeowner decided to give him a bed. Now the buck thinks he’s one of the pets.


Dogs aren’t allowed on the office couch but this dog has her own subtle way of violating the rules. What a rebel!


The fire fighters were able to rescue this cat from a fire but it doesn’t seem to appreciate the good deed. Well, what do you expect from a cat? It was probably yapping, “What took you so darn long? It was so hot in there! You’re lucky I’m still alive or else!”


A store owner brings his dog to work everyday. An Italian woman took notice of the dog and immediately fell in love with it. The customer came back and gave him a knitted hat.


This girl volunteered to feed the puppies at a local shelter. And she instantly made bond with the adorable puppies. Good deeds are indeed rewarded with good love.

This rhino is improvising his own version of an eye mask. Let him take a rest for now because he looks so tired.


His name is Huckleberry and his favorite place to hang out is the roof. So don’t scream when you see him on top of the house. He’s not trapped, he’s just chilling.

Adorable animals that will surely melt your hearts



Her name is Eclipse and she takes the bus everyday by herself to the nearest dog park. She had a bus pass attached to her collar to show that she’s a regular commuter.


Ahoy matey! Blimey! This seadog is shivering me timbers! All hands hoay!


Meet Frida, one of the rescue dogs deployed by the Mexican navy to locate victims of the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that devastated Mexico in September 2017. Frida alone has helped saved 52 lives from the catastrophe.


It’s easy to see from those guilty expressions. They must have done something dreadful. But at least the dog still has the courage to meet you in the eye.


Furs as thick as those are meant for the snow. This is why these furry dogs can’t wait to go outside and play in the ice.


Chendra the Elephant came from Malaysia and was taken in at the Oregon Zoo in 1999. But her life at the zoo wasn’t all that great. She was always alone by herself because other bigger elephants kept on bullying her. That’s why the zookeeper decided to let Chendra meet other animals in the zoo. We can tell from the smile on her face that she had met new creatures that she can call ‘friends’.


We hope these heartwarming animal photos make your day brighter. And we would like to end this article with this adorable dog who sits on a shotgun like a boss.