Photos That Perfectly Sum Up What It’s Like Growing Up With Siblings

Being the one and only child can be a tad lonely and no one wants to live a lonesome life. But you might change your mind when you see these photos showing how life is to live with savage siblings. We’re not saying that life with siblings is nothing but hell. Siblings are our best friend and our worst enemy rolled into one. But one thing is certain, life will never be boring with siblings, no matter how ferocious they are. Let us give you a glimpse of how rowdy life can be growing up with savage siblings.


What are siblings good for? They’ll be always there to remind everyone of your humiliating past. What are mugs good for? They’re good to hold embarrassing mug shots.

Do you know what’s the worst feeling in the world? That’s when your sibling bails out on you so you can take all the blame. That’s absolutely the worst kind of betrayal.

When there’s a good scene right before you and there’s no popcorn at hand, you can just grab a soda and enjoy the show.

If you intend to take a selfie, make sure you don’t do it when your younger sister is around.

When you have a sibling, expect to be accused as a thief all the time.

The poor toothbrush has to take all the rap.

Every morning is a race time if you’re living with a sibling. Let the race begin!

How it feels like living with atrocious siblings



Wait till your sibling falls asleep to get your revenge. When they’re asleep, you can do whatever you want with them.

Sibling rivalry? Settle it with a wrestling match to determine who’s the boss.

You’re a bit unlucky when you’re the younger sibling because you have to do what older siblings tell you. You may not want to do it but you have no choice anyway.

There’s actually no such thing as minding your own business when you and your sibling are living under the same roof.

And there’s definitely no such thing as privacy when you have siblings because you’re forced to share everything you have.

One of the perks of having a sibling is having someone to take the blame from you and get away with it.

The worst thing that could happen when you’re playing with your younger siblings is getting them hurt and having your Mom yelling at you. So before they burst out crying, you’ll do just anything to calm them down and to not tell Mom about it.

If you think having a twin is a fun thing, then you’re wrong. What’s the fun in having to live along with your doppelganger for the rest of your life?