This Guy Brightened Up His Surroundings By Putting Googly Eyes On Miserable Objects

Do you ever just look at your surroundings and feel that they are bringing you down? Of course, many places hold natural beauty but there’s also no denying that some places could really do with sprucing up. One person who decided to do something about this issue is Bored Panda user Adam. Feeling bored in his home town of Scandinavia, he set to placing googly eyes all over the place. Take a look to see the amusing results!
Website: Instagram

We think what Adam is doing is great. It just goes to show how small things can make a big difference. It’s nice to think of all the people that have walked past something that Adam has put googly eyes on and smiled. It is also good that there is also no permanent damage caused as if need be the eyes can easily be removed. An act like this could easily be turned into a challenge that gets people out and about walking around trying to find all of the places that have had eyes placed on to them! We would certainly get involved in something like that! Well done, Adam.