15 Images Showing Incredible Glow In The Dark Bookmarks You Will Love

Many of us readers out there have¬†experienced losing our bookmarks or simply substituting the need for one altogether by just using a bit of paper or something. And, why not? A bookmark is pretty mundane and boring, after all. Well, our eyes have been opened to just how wonderful a bookmark really can be, thanks to these gorgeous glow in the dark ones created by talented jewelry designer Manon Richard. The unique pieces have a bright turquoise/blue shine, that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Take a look at some examples of the pieces below!
Website: Etsy

Those petals are lovely.

Butterfly lovers will adore this design!

Isn’t the ball on this one so interesting?

We bet even people that don’t read want to own some of these!

Even the parts that don’t glow are beautifully designed.

A bird and feather combo.

Even in the light, the bookmarks still have a wonderful glow.

But, there’s no denying the vibrant transformation that comes with the darkness.

Every piece is truly enchanting.

We adore the color of the glow!

We are spoiled for choice and can’t pick a favorite, can you?

Not all of the bookmarks are dainty and hang, there are one’s like this available also!

We’ll never call a bookmark boring again!

A close up…

How great do they look?