10 Gorgeous Pieces Of Glass Acorn Jewelry That Are Wonderfully Unique

To most people, acorns are a pretty mundane thing. Of course, they’re a lovely part of nature, but, they don’t really do much. Well, the ‘Bullseyebeads’ Etsy store has used them in an incredibly beautiful way by using acorn caps to form unique jewelry items. The pieces are made from Italian and German soda lime glass, and, of course, the acorn caps. There are a range of colors and designs to choose from and the prices are extremely reasonable. Take a look!
Website: Etsy

Glass Acorn Earrings In Crystal Clear With Encased Copper Leaves

Glass Acorn Necklace Pale Aquamarine With Brown Flecks

Glass Acorn Necklace In Streaky Transparent Topaz

Glass Acorn Necklace In Autumn Tones

Mini Glass Acorn Necklace In Ivory With Attached Leaf

Glass Acorn Earrings In Autumn Tones & Glass Acorn Necklace In Transparent Light Brown With Encased Copper Oak Leaf

Glass Acorn Earrings And Necklace Set In Olivine

Glass Acorn Necklace 

Glass Acorn Necklace Set In Topaz With Encased Copper Leaf

Glass Acorn Earrings In Levi Blue