13 Awesome Giant Sculptures Made Entirely From Beach Waste

Most of us are aware of the tragic amount of waste that pollutes the world. However, many of us also admittedly ignore the issue. It’s not a conscious or purposeful ignorance, but it occurs none the less. The problem is particularly sad when you take into consideration the animals and creatures that suffer. Our oceans and beaches are so heavily polluted that injury and death is occurring to our fellow species on a daily basis. An Oregon based organization ‘Washed Ashore’ highlights this issue by creating glorious giant sculptures made up entirely of beach waste. The pieces are both admirable and saddening. Recognition also goes to Xandi Kreuzeder for the ‘Roxy Mermaid’ creation you will see below. Take a look!
Website: WashedAshore

How great is it seeing the transformation from rubbish to awesome?

You would never guess that all the items used to create these sculptures were just waste!

We love this penguin.

A star in the making!

We like how this octopus design incorporates rubbish below it.  

Each sculpture made reduces the risk of harm to animals in the oceans.

This mermaid is our favorite!

The waste materials produce some lovely, vibrant colors.

This creation looks like it’s made up of flowers!

A magical seahorse.

This shark looks scarier than a normal one with all those cool lumps and bumps!

A close up of one of the sculptures. 

We wonder how long each sculpture takes to make? Whatever the answer is, it’s time well spent!