13 Unique Geometric Tattoos Fused With Nature You Will Love

We’re going to take a guess that due to you clicking on this post you’re a fan of tattoos. Well, if so, you’re absolutely going to love the work of talented tattoo artist Jasper Andres! Seamlessly combining geometry and nature, his hybrid fusions are wonderfully unique. There is no end or limit to Jasper’s creations, whether it be an animal design, an object or scenery, each one is inked meticulously with plenty of thought put into them. Although we admire all of these images, our favorites are the ones that include vibrant colors. Take a look and see what you think!
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We love this fox with a twist!

The geometric element makes this traditional stag design awesomely unique.

A cool dinosaur with a cute touch. We love it!

This person has not one, but two awesome pieces! The colors add the perfect touch.

Underground/overground tattoos are definitely our favorite kind.

Perfectly symmetrical. 

Although many people have feather tattoos, this one is far from boring!

The designs are so imaginative. 

What an interesting effect!

Hello, cutie!

The colors on this one are inked perfectly. A mesmerizing galaxy!

This bold piece is sure to turn heads.

The detailing on the lion is just superb.