Funny, Weird and Downright Crazy Photos

Some people have that strange inclination to danger and their foolishness can either make you cringe and laugh. Here are some hilariously alarming photos that are oddly amusing and cringey at the same time. People doing dumb things are probably not new to you, especially if you’re spending so much time on the internet. But people are getting more daring each day. This is why more hilariously alarming photos keep on coming, and they get even better and better every day.


Axe flying through your windshield almost chopping your head in half is something we usually see in our nightmares. Now imagine that happening in real life.

This is how Spiderman commutes back home when he’s too tired from swinging from building to building.

That is indeed an unreasonable price for a pair of batteries. But can we take a moment to talk about the elephant in the room. Yes, I’m talking about the cage. I think that’s a great deal.

Asserting dominance has taken a wrong turn. Add the T-pose with a little levitation and your superiority doubles in effect.

It’s only logical to think that there’s a cavity somewhere at the back of this rock where she placed herself but still…

Let this be a reminder to everyone. Always check your earbuds before you tuck them into your ears, especially if you are surrounded by flagrant pranksters.

The breathtaking view from this house is to die for. But we hope that the girl in the bathtub is not dead.

People doing dumb stuff that could put them in danger



I wonder what she puts in the ice cubes for people that she likes.

Not even a volcanic eruption or a lava flow can stop this man from playing the sports he loves most.

A death caused by extreme boredom? Now that’s the type of news we’d want to hear.

You don’t like giraffes when they’re angry because they can smash anything on their way. Anyway, we hope the driver is okay.

We’ll just have to reckon that these guys know what they’re doing. We definitely don’t want to see them turn into pancakes smothered with strawberry syrup when the loader accidentally drops.

That regretful face you make when your girlfriend maxed out your credit card for exorbitant shopping and payday is still weeks away.

How about we find someone who wouldn’t put us into that life-threatening situation?

Come on, people. Let Elvis rest in peace already! Using his image for creepy things like this is not cool.