Funny Snapchats That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Let’s face it. Memes and animated images always bring smiles on anyone’s faces and they’ll still persist because they haven’t lost their glory. Just take a look at these funny Snapchats and we guarantee you’ll laugh even if you don’t want to. There are millions of people using Snapchat on a daily basis so imagine how many snaps you can find on the internet. There are some good snaps and some bad snaps out there.  But some Snapchatters can turn ordinary snaps into masterpieces. We have round up some funny Snapchats to lift your mood. And don’t forget to share the laughter.


Boredom really makes us do stupid things so you shouldn’t let boredom get the best of you.

Stabilizing cervical spine… with my blade!

I told you fidget spinners can be dangerous but I guess you have to experience the danger to prove it.

That didn’t turn out as expected. He only wants to look badass like Jesse Eisenberg but the face recognition thinks the wallpaper suits him better.

When you put your whole faith on a shampoo to ease your lingering emotional burden.

Face swap and vape don’t mesh well together. Unless you want to see your face flying away and disappearing into thin air.


A kid who was raised on the streets showing appreciation to the only Dad he knows.

Hilarious Snapchats to help you erase a bad day



This girl prefers Italian cuisine more than anything else. But she should’ve at least know the name of her favorite restaurant.

No one should be allowed to enter college if they can’t even spell the word college correctly. Seriously, go back to elementary school and learn the basics.

Two different persons snapped the same famous spot, same image but different captions. While the caption from the first user makes a lot of sense, I can’t really say the same to the other one. What the heck is merked and what does it mean?

Sometimes, hitting the perfect spot doesn’t necessarily needs a lot of concentration and preparation. You only need a bit of good luck on your side and a bit of bad luck on your target’s side.


Be careful who you picked to swap faces with if you don’t want to turn out looking like a wicked cyborg.

This man apparently doesn’t understand what a throwback means.

No one ever said that you can use Snapchat as a recorder. The app is certainly famous but it doesn’t mean it can do anything, it has its limitations too.

Older generations can make internet more fun. First of all, that’s not Facebook, that’s Snapchat. Second, there’s something called a selfie stick to help you capture the perfect frame.