Funny People Who Absolutely Took Humor To Another Level

There are actually two ways to deal with your troubles, you can either take them seriously or laugh them off. Both can be effective in their own ways but these funny people will show you the power of humor. We’re not saying that you should take problems lightly but take time to smile no matter how tough life is. All of us have their own struggles in life, but how we deal with them is what matters the most. Let these funny people help you unburden some of your worries off your shoulders with these hilarious photos.



This critter surely appreciates your hospitality and cordial gesture. Until now, I bet Frank Ocean keeps on playing on its tiny head.

This cab driver has his own way of surprising his passengers – by showing them a calendar with a photo of himself – licking a giant lollipop. What a way to keep the passengers in good spirits all throughout the trip!

If you’re wondering if your milkshake can bring all the boys to the yard, why don’t you try it yourself?

Move over, supermodels! L’oreal has a new face for their hair care products and it’s none other than the hairy Chewbacca.

Even famous celebrities can cosplay as other fellow celebrities. Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum pulled off this The Rock outfit as a tribute (or rather a joke) to their friend Dwayne Johnson.

In case you’re asking where they got this outfit from, here’s the photo of The Rock taken in the 90’s that he doesn’t want everyone to see.

Referees missing calls can cost the game that’s why this kid cleverly made this sign to call the attention of the referees. Nice message but I don’t think the guys behind the sign appreciate this.

When you had a rare chance to have a photo with Samuel Jackson, and he suddenly pulls off this confusing pose. I guess he’s just showing how he really feels about fans who wished to pump up the selfie game.

People with great sense of humor always win at life



The driver is probably thinking “I didn’t sign up for this!” And yet he looks like he’s enjoying it.

Intentional or not, we have to admit that his clever use of pun on this one is actually hilarious.

Every year, this guy wears a shirt with his photo from the previous year printed on it. If you can count it right, you’ll figure out that he’s been doing this thing for 4 years now.

So, how is he gong to eat all those Cheetos? He might as well make a house out of Cheetos and live in it.

How does Conor McGregor prepare for his fight? Surprisingly, he likes dressing up his newborn son before his matches. This is one cool outfit, sleek like a champion!

When you want to persuade the security guard that your office documents really a have strange shape, like a bottle of liquor or something.

This fan thought he’s fortunate to get an autograph from Bill Murray. But wait till he sees what Bill signed on his forehead. Yes, folks! He’s writing Miley Cyrus on this man’s face.

That’s a nice joke, doctor. If all doctors are as humorous as you, all patients will be at ease.