Funny Life Memes That Everyone Can Relate To

We’ve seen a lot of hilarious memes on the internet. But nothing prepares you for these funny life memes that you can surely relate to. When life gets too serious, the only way to survive is to add humor to life. You’ll get to see brighter days if you learn how to think positive and laugh all your problems away. Seeing other people cleverly using irony or sarcasm on the same problems you have somehow makes you feel better, right? This is because it means you’re not the only person with the same problem. Most of all, you also get to laugh because you understand how they feel. We have round up some funny life memes that will make you nod and say “That’s absolutely true!”


And you’re hoping that the piece of trash you created could at least get a passing mark.

That basically means you’re one member short on your presentation.

We’re talking about a kid’s butt in the air and the first thing they noticed is a microwave. Focus your attention on the real subject, people.

The way of life for humans definitely sucks. We should be just like ducks – free, carefree and worry-free. But not until duck season comes and hunters are on the loose.

Believe me when I say that the graceful girl was only a superficial image because girls like that don’t exist in real life. That means the girl on the left basically represents all the girls in the world.

How can she even smile when she learns that she’s just a second priority? Well, there’s always a thing called divorce, right?

That moment when you regret watching the viral video of the yodeling kid because you can’t get him off your mind anymore.

Hilarious memes about life that everyone can understand



That’s too many to count. I don’t even know how to start counting this innumerable number.

These words are the best sleep inducers and you could ask someone to text it to you if you’re suffering from insomnia.

What’s the use of asking if you know kids would lie anyway?

Finders keepers, losers weepers. Deal with it.

When stress becomes a crucial part of your life and you can’t seem to live without it.

Your resume knows when you’re telling the truth and when you’re lying.

Let me just add a little Photoshop and maybe that would improve them a bit.

That’s enough, Mickey! Now, put it back!