Funny Disney Memes That Will Make Any Big Kid Laugh

It’s hard to imagine a childhood without Disney. But these funny Disney memes are especially for grown-ups who grew up loving Disney movies with all their hearts. The world slowly changes when we grow up into adulthood. This is when life becomes more serious with less time to play. But one thing remains the same, our love for Disney never ceases. In this new generation of memes, there’s no way Disney can escape the eyes of the public. Generations may come and go but Disney is here to stay. We have gathered some funny Disney memes that you can certainly relate to as an adult.


I spent one hour just to get my mascara done and a single sneeze can ruin it all in an instant. So hold that sneeze no matter what.

If I could only eat at my heart’s content without getting fat, that would be the life.

Yes! It’s my turn to eat! That inexplicable joy you feel when your food is finally served.

Well, unexpected plot twists are what Disney movies are best known for. No one ever thought the cuddly Lotso to be the evil antagonist. I bet you didn’t know that the mask behind Yokai was Professor Callaghan either. And you probably didn’t expect that the fire demon Te Ka was actually the goddess Te Fiti.

For Disney fans, Disneyland is not just any amusement park, it’s a home.

When you feel like half of your body is trying to go home but half of your sanity tells you to finish your job.

It turns out that Aurora should have been better off with Maleficent than with these dim-witted fairies. If that’s the case, Aurora should have grown up smarter not to prick herself on a spindle.

Hilarious Disney memes that any grown-up can relate to



We all can’t wait to see the sequel of The Incredibles after waiting for so many years. Do you how stressful those years were? Let Mr. Incredible show you.

Disney has taught us so many things than we can ever imagine. Forks as combs, frying pans as weapons, what’s next?

You might as well come up with silly excuses to convince your Mom that washing dishes is not good for your well-being.

When you instantly become a mother out of the blue.

You’ll definitely need more than 6 eggs to feed those triplets of yours. Ah, the beauty of motherhood.

It would be totally crazy to bring books when you go on vacation. If you intend to spend time with books, better stay at home and read them all you want.

For hardworking employees, utter happiness comes from only two words pay day.

Nothing beats a real life drama with all the real-time dialogues and actions. Now where can I get a bag of popcorn?