Funny and Strange Animal Photos Showing the Hilarious Side of Nature

If you think you’ve seen every animal on this planet, then think again. I bet you haven’t seen these funny and strange animal photos before. Mother Nature never fails to amaze us in many ways. Human beings alone are hilarious and exceptional on their own. Add some animals to the mix and the world becomes a remarkably exciting place to live in. When it comes to peculiarity and being amusing, animals can certainly give humans a run for their money. Prepare to laugh and drop your jaws at these funny and strange animal photos. These photos show that animals are just like us, they can be sometimes strange and have a great sense of humor.




They say sloths are the slowest animals but this one is pretty quick to photobomb a group photo at the exact time.

Another case of the one-sided affair called host-parasite relationship. This is when a parasite doesn’t only get a rent-free home but a free meal as well. Mother Nature sometimes is so unfair.

Here’s another example of a parasite taking over its host. The tongue of this fish was eaten by a parasite and later took the spot of the consumed tongue. The parasite becomes the tongue itself.

The eyes are definitely the owl’s most distinguishing feature. Their amazing eyes give them a much greater range of binocular vision than any animals. This is because their eyeballs are not actually eye-balls but rather elongated tubes.

Let’s seal this penguin photo with a photobomb!

Considered as the world’s ugliest animal, the blobfish is a rare fish species that can be found in the deep waters off the coasts of Australia.

How do you capture a perfect smile? The girl looks pretty without a doubt but the horse definitely stole the spotlight here.

Hilarious and bizarre photos of animals



Penguins are one of the cutest animals but they can be pretty scary at times.

Okay, everyone. The author of the book is now ready for book signing. Please fall in line.

Look at those long and sharp tusks. You might be wondering how narwhals manage not to stab each other with their deadly tusks. Yeah, I’m wondering too.

This two-toned parakeet is a rare case of a half-sider where two distinct zygotes fuse. This bird’s parent must have different colors which explains the blue and green colors of their offspring.

The pacu fish is a freshwater fish and is a close relative of the piranha. The only difference between a pacu and a piranha is their teeth structure. While piranhas have razor-sharp teeth, pacus have square teeth that are eeriely similar to human teeth.

Animals have their own unique ways of surprising us. Watching green herons stretching their impossible neck always comes as a shock.

This blue parrotfish photobombs a scuba diver and it’s the most adorable thing we’ve seen so far.

Because that looks like a tasty bun and one hippo is deliriously starving.