Forgotten/Discontinued McDonalds Food Items

Mcdonalds Onion Nuggets

These were first introduced and tested in selected restaurants in the mid 70’s.
To prepare the nuggets, they would chop the onions into small nugget-sized pieces, followed by dipping them in batter and deep frying to finish.
It was said that before they stumbled onto the idea of chicken nuggets, they thought onions would make for a much tastier nugget!



Mcdonalds Arch Delux

This gourmet style burger was introduced in 1996 and marketed more towards adults.
The ingredients used to create this beauty included a quarter pound of beef placed onto a potato flour bun. It was then topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, mayonnaise and a ‘secret’ mustard!
Despite Mcdonalds’ massive advertising campaign, the arch burger ended up being a flop.




Also known as The Mcdonalds lettuce and tomato burger.
Introduced in 1984 and unlike their other burgers, the McDLT was served in a styrofoam container with the meat and bottom bun on one side, and the lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles, sauces and top bun on the other side.
This was done so that customers were able to combine the hot and cold side together themselves.
Unfortunatly, the McDLT was discontinued in 1991 due to enviromental concerns with the styrofoam containers.



The McSalad Shakers

Introduced in the year 2000, There was a selection of delicous salads you could choose from. All you needed to do was simply give them a shake and your good to go!
Sadly, these Mcsalad shakers weren’t around for very long and were eventually replaced by their now premium salads in 2003.



McLean Deluxe

Released in 1991, the McLean was just that, a healthy reduced fat hamburger, created to appeal to the health conscious customers.
It ended up being a failure and received the nickname ‘McFlopper’!



The Cheddar Melt

This delicious fat filled burger was only around for a limited amount of time.
First being introduced in 1988, it also appeared in the 90’s and more recently in 2004.
Made with a quarter pound of beef, it had onions sauteed in butter and teriyaki, and of course, the whole thing was topped with cheddar cheese sauce to finish.
That’s enough to make anyone’s mouth water with hunger!



The McDonalds Hula burger

Introduced in 1963, it was created in the hope of attracting Roman Catholics who were forbidden to eat meat on Fridays.
It was essentially a cheeseburger but instead of beef they used a grilled pinapple slice instead.
The burger ultimately failed to please and was scrapped.



The McHotdog

Introduced in the late 90’s as a summertime treat by some franchise owners.
These hot dogs have come and gone over the years across certain stores in the US, UK and Japan, despite the fact that CEO Ray Krok didn’t actually want any McDonalds resturant to sell hot dogs, which he states in his 1977 autobiography.




In the early 90s, McDonalds began testing their pasta-based items on their dinner menu for around 6 to 12months.
Sadly, the demand for it was low, and customers just weren’t interested in having pasta over a big juicy burger!



The Mcdonalds Chopped beefsteak sandwich

Introduced in 1979, they basically elongated a normal burger, threw it on a roll with some onions, and served packets of steak sauce with it.
The whole campaign self-destructed, taking this sandwich with it.



McDonalds Eggs Benedict McMuffin

Named after Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire in 2001, it was built up of Canadian-style bacon, egg, American cheese and a ‘special’ kind of breakfast sauce, all served on a toasted English muffin.



The McFlurry strawberry shortcake

This delicious dessert was only available for a short period of time in the US, but legend has it you can still pick it up today in a few international restaurants!



The McPizza

Introduced in the mid 90’s. Mcdonalds attempted to get its foot through the door of the pizza market but fell short even after their big advertising campaign.
The company and its franchisees invested in expensive ovens and even widened their drive-through windows in the hope that it was going to pay off big time. They were ultimately left with the realization that
customers just didn’t associate McDonalds with pizza when there are so many other chains already doing it.