12 Food Items Transformed Into Interesting New Creations

Perception and interpretation are wonderful things. Two different minds can see and think the total opposite to each other. A perfect example of this is food designer Dan Cretu. Dan sees so much more to food than the average person and he shows us this through his series titled ‘Something & Something Else’. You should be able to recognize all the foods used and just in case you couldn’t figure out what each new creation is, we’ve titled them for you. Take a look!
Website: Tumblr

Red Cabbage Spider Web

Banana Baseball Mitt 

Cucumber And Tomato Camera

Walnut Chicken

Avocado Egg

Fried Egg Homer Simpson

Orange Clock

Meat Cassette 

Bacon Gum

Chilli And Lime Motorbike

Cabbage Brain

Egg Doily