First World Anarchists Who Want To See The World Burn

In our shared world, there are many rules, laws, recommendations and social etiquettes. These are often for our safety and to help our lives run smoothly in peaceful harmony. However, some rules and regulations that surround us are just plain silly and unnecessary. Here we have an amusing selection of first world anarchists that have no problem breaking the rules! Take a look and enjoy!

We really hope this is the barista’s idea of a joke!

Stand back everyone, we’ve got a rule breaker right here.

When you’re showing the world you have no fear…

Rubbing salt in the wound…

This is one clever kid…

This goat doesn’t give a damn.

This stapler has seen more of the world than we have!

The commitment here is to be respected.

Be unique.

Thug life.

Brilliant, just brilliant!

With a name like that, we don’t think this Dr. will ever get away from people doing this!

These words would make you feel a bit guilty!

Some people will endure pain for a good photo!

These images have certainly put us in a good mood. Let’s be honest, the world would be a very boring place if everyone followed the rules all of the time! If you aren’t endangering yourself and others (and breaking the law) we say why not have some fun! If you should choose to be a first world anarchist, make sure you’ve got someone around to capture the moment for all to see! Keep going to see more amusing rule breakers! 

Well played, men.

That pool looks very shallow. This was a job well done!

‘Nothing to see here except my cute face’

Uh oh, we have a major sinner alert!

This guy nailed it!


Wall And Piece – Banksy

Favoritism towards people in good moods must be stopped!

Oh, the irony.

We applaud this young man.

Natural born anarchist! 

Your move, U.S.A…

This dog doesn’t appreciate feeling unwanted…

Setting a great example…