18 Enchanting Fantasy Animal Sculptures Made From Velvet Clay You Will Adore

Evgeny Hontor is one talented guy. He is the founder of ‘Demiurgus Dreams’, a studio that specializes in creating the most amazing fantasy figurines and sculptures out of velvet clay. The detail on every item is incredible so it comes as no surprise that Evgeny’s Etsy store has over 35k admirers. Bursting with color and personality, these pieces are truly enchanting and we love them all. Take a look!
Website: Etsy

Dreamlike Fox Kitsune Fantasy Sculpture

Blue Earth Dragon Figurine

Winged Cat Figurine

Haku Dragon Miyazaki Spirited Away Ghibli Figurine

Unicorn With Doves Figurine

Red Fox Sculpture

Feathered Dragon Figurine

Fennec Figurine

Winged Cat Figurine 

Winged Hyena Figurine

Jackalope Figurine

Alien World Creature OOAK Xenobiology Animal

Mood Wanderer Fox Figurine

Zombie Fox Halloween Figure

Unicorn Figurine

Llaumer Original Creature Figurine 

Great Whale Kahavarra Moon Wanderer Figurine

Frost Ghost Winged Rat Mouse Figurine