Hilarious And Annoying Everyday Struggles For People Who Wear Glasses

If you’re someone who wears glasses, then the struggles in this post are going to be all too familiar to you. If you are someone who does not need to wear glasses, these images are going to give you an amusing insight in to the everyday lives of people who do. You’ll also find many common misconceptions that able-sighted people often (annoyingly) make cleared up! Take a look and enjoy!

3D movies just aren’t the same for people who have to wear glasses…

So much time is wasted doing this!

One of those moments you just have to grin and bear.

And you pray that person’s clothes are clean.

Good one!

We hate it in horror movies when people drop their glasses. You just know they are going to die.

The struggle is real.

A very good point…

Well, when you put it like that, it’s pretty strange!

Sadly, a common occurrence for glasses wearers. 

Unrealistic, indeed!

Hilariously accurate!

From happy to sad in the space of 2 seconds.

It must be incredibly frustrating to constantly be asked ‘can I try your glasses on’? It’s like, you wouldn’t walk up to your friends and constantly ask if you could try their pants on, would you? And, more often than not people just give in and hand out their glasses, only to have to clean and sanitize them. It’s also annoying because certain people don’t realize how lucky they are to not need glasses yet they try them on as if it’s a hobby. Think before you pester someone! Keep scrolling to see more amusing images!


Friends can be so unhelpful sometimes!

Nope, you have to buy expensive 2-in-1 pairs instead.

That damn computer/phone/laptop/TV glare that ruins every photo you try to take!

You never know what could be lurking around! Particularly if your room is messy…

More people need to understand this…

Not only is it disorientating but it can actually be painful!

And then, you have to clean them for the fiftieth time that day!

It may seem silly in the movie but in real life people who wear glasses all the time can look extremely different when they take them off!

A lovely feeling.

This can cause some strange looks from people!

This is brilliant.

Are you guilty of this?

The perfect comeback…