17 Adorable And Amusing Illustrations Showing The Everyday Lives Of Food

Food is something many of us take for granted. Yes, we can appreciate it, but we don’t really respect it as if it was a fellow human, for example. But, what if our foods had personalities, families, friends and lives of their own? Would you feel differently? Well, here we have an awesome illustration series created by award winning t-shirt company ‘FlyingMouse365’ that shows just that. Take a look below to see the fun-filled adventures and mishaps that occur in the everyday lives of different foods!
Website: FlyingMouse365

Summer Bread


Breaking Banana


Milk Swimmer

Kill Maki

You Are So Sweet

French Fried Jason

Have A Drink

Apple Stall

New Look

Pepper Sneeze

Circus Toast

Skateboard Fall

I’m A Pear

So Long, My Friend

In Flight Food Audition