Epic Fails That’ll Make You Shake Your Head in Disbelief

Designs can either leave us with eyes wide open in amazement or leave us with our jaws dropping in confusion. Get ready because these epic fails will certainly make you do the latter. Everyone makes stupid mistakes and no one is unerring so to speak. But there are certain mistakes that will leave you wondering and asking ‘why’? If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that all of us can distinguish an honest mistake from a ridiculous fail. And you’ll definitely agree with us when we say they these epic fails on this list are all ridiculously hilarious. Laugh as loud as you can and share the funny news to your friends to make their day.



A 5-year-old kid can even draw a better-looking panda than the artist who did this tattoo. Unless this guy asked the artist to purposely draw a sloppy drawing of a panda staring directly at the summer sun for 12 hours without blinking.

This lid is covering what, exactly? But then again, a pan and its lid are inseparable so they seem.

The government should really consider increasing the salary of street workers so as not to give them excuses in making sluggish jobs such as this.

Of course, the mark of the beast is a forbidden number in most Christian communities so don’t expect to see it here.

Don’t get me wrong but even a blind person can cut this bagel better than this.

This confusing staircase reminds me of Hogwarts’ moving staircases. Be careful not to get lost on your way.

Instead of cutting down the tree, let’s just make a hole in the roof and let this tree become a part of the house.

Funny and terrible fails that will make you laugh



Spoon and fork can work together to become a spork. But someone got the wrong idea and made a cutout of fork from this wooden spoon.

When a single cap can’t cover your entire head due to bulky hair, a second cap can do the trick. No one said you should cut your hair to get the job done.

What are these earbuds up to? This is the degree of imbroglio they’re making inside your pocket and you don’t even have a single idea of what’s going on.

The message poster is actually inspiring and it’s kinda encouraging. But that creepy tape-sculpture is really discouraging. And to make it worse, this isn’t a scary museum but a school. A school, people!

What happens when sunlight directly refracts through a glass? This question is a no-brainer, right? This explains why this glass ball almost caused a fire and burned this whole house down. Thankfully, it didn’t. But it should serve as a lesson to everyone.

If you want your kids to learn how to tie their own shoelaces, you can give them this thing to help them practice. But why spend for this thing when they can practice on the real thing, like their shoes for example?

The typical 64-squares chess board is challenging enough. But if you want to take the game to a higher level, try this long chess board and see if you can finish the game  in 3 days without sleeping.

Instead of placing the rear-view mirrors on the bike, place them on your helmet because… because we can be insane sometimes.