Engaged People Reveal How They Knew They Didn’t Love Their Partners

Getting engaged is a joyous moment for many people that signifies that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out for many reasons. One of the big issues that people face is falling out of love with their other half. Here we have the differing reasons that people knew they wanted out of their relationships. As sad as these situations are, you should never stick with something that is making you unhappy. Take a look!
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Becoming numb is just the worst feeling.

A sure sign that something isn’t right.

Hmm, the break up should have occurred before the cheating.

Sometimes it’s other people that make you realize what you want and don’t want.

This is awful! 

Blunt but honest! 

This isn’t healthy at all!

Thinking about the future opens your eyes to a lot of things.

This person made the right decision as tough as it probably was!

This small sentence speaks volumes.

People that try to use others should be ashamed of themselves. 

The best manipulators are often hard to catch out. 

It’s a sad moment when people have this realization. 

A one sided relationship can never work!

Loving someone should feel somewhat effortless. It definitely shouldn’t feel like a chore!