This Enchanting Starry Sea Table Will Blow Your Mind With Its Beauty

If you’re a fan of unique creations, this one is going to blow your mind! You may have thought that we are showing you a selection of different tables, but in fact, they all depict one incredible table! The enchanting piece offers you the experience of the captivating deep blue ocean along with a magical star filled night. It was created by ‘LA TABLE’ after over 1 and a half years of research and tests were done. Take a look below to see the table in all its glory and to read about some awesome functions it possesses!
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The table is created with resin that is specifically bespoken to ‘LA TABLE’…

…paired with a glorious piece of marble from Anguilla. 

The table beholds a battery that enables extra cool functions…

…and it charges in just 6 hours.

A full charge will then allow you 300 hours of illumination!

The starry night feature you are about to see can be controlled in two ways…

…with a remote control…

…or, a smartphone!

This is all thanks to the fact the table has its very own WiFi system! Cool!

Isn’t this just one of the most incredible inventions?!

If only we could get our hands on one.