Employees Reveal The Different Reasons That They Purposely Provided Bad Customer Service

Customer service is a huge part of many people’s jobs. Many of you reading this will have experienced both good and bad customer service throughout your lives. Of course, sometimes it’s completely the fault of the unprofessional¬†employees. However, this list of images might leave you rethinking the way that you treat members of staff as more often than not they purposely provide you with bad customer service for a very specific reason! Take a look!
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This person sounds very angry. Bad advice on pets could be catastrophic for the animals!

Some people can’t help but yell when annoyed but it tends to make things worse.

Speak to others how you would like to be spoken to!

What an interesting choice of insult!

Self entitled people can just be the worst to deal with!

This isn’t right.

This might make you think twice before being an annoying customer!

Be careful before you insult people…

This is so spot on!

Bitter, jealous, outrageous, unprofessional… the list goes on.

Far too many people are guilty of this!

This makes you wonder whether your food is being messed up by accident or on purpose…

A harmless way to get back at rude customers.

This isn’t fair, far too presumptuous!¬†