Embarrassing Things That Happened To People When Visiting The Doctor

For some people, visiting the doctor for whatever reason is something done with ease. But, for many others, it’s a terrifying prospect and just getting to the doctor’s office is a trial in itself. This is normal as for many reasons people can be scared! One thing in particular people get themselves worked up about is being embarrassed. We all know doctors have seen a whole host of things but we still feel awkward anyway. Well, here we present some awfully embarrassing occurrences that happened to certain people when visiting the doctor that might make you feel better, or worse! Take a look!
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The poor doctor! Hopefully this didn’t hurt too much!

This happens to a lot of women.

Hopefully the medicine wasn’t to treat a contagious illness for the doctor’s sake!

Aww, this happens to a lot of people, don’t worry!

At least it was laughed about and not horrendously awkward!

This is gross!

This sounds horrible!

Ouch! We hope there wasn’t too much bruising!

We aren’t keen on needles either.

We think most people worry about spilling their pee! 

Doctors just refuse to listen to you sometimes!

The poor nurse!

We’re sure this happens often, don’t fret! 

Shame, indeed!

This has made us feel a bit nauseous.