Dubious Things That Will Absolutely Give You Trust Issues

Computers are not so considerate. Look at how a single character can make a big difference. A human could’ve let this answer pass even without the letter ‘s’ at the end.

Suspicious things that you shouldn’t trust

I’m guessing people will be flooding this event just for the free breakfast and not for having their heads shaved. It’s a little suspicious but it won’t hurt to attend to see if they will really serve drive-thru breakfast.

Receiving text messages from unknown sender isn’t only a waste of time. Some wrong senders can really annoy you with their stupidity.

They shouldn’t let a drunk person install bathroom locks to avoid this dumb fail. Now you’ll need to manually hold the door closed for your privacy.

You don’t always get your money’s worth when you buy items online. Shopping online is like gambling, your chance of success is 50/50. Unfortunately, this guy is another addition to the fail rate of online shopping.

Allegedly, this copy of the Bible is said to be autographed by Jesus Christ himself. Of course, you’d expect this rare gem to be auctioned for a hefty price. But would you put your trust on this doubtful book and sacrifice your $1-million for it?

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