Dubious Things That Will Absolutely Give You Trust Issues

There are certain things that can give us uncertainty just by the looks of them. Just like these dubious things that we have in store for you. We all have that natural instinct that tells us whether a thing is trustworthy or not. But even with this intuition, some people still fall into misleading traps. Despite the obvious deception, some people still give their trust in the wrong hands. We have gathered some examples of naïve people who put their faith in dubious things, and end up in regret.


When you just wanted some gas but this gas station wants to take your life for some reason. It’s no wonder this place is as quiet as a mouse.

I can guarantee that no one would ever think of swallowing a whole coat-hanger but thanks for the warning anyway.

I’ve spent almost 2 hours trying to figure out the difference between the correct and incorrect way of wearing this helmet but I can’t find any.

Lesson learned. Never asked for a tattoo when you and everyone around you are as drunk as a skunk. But they made a pretty accurate neck tattoo on this man.

Rest assured that this is only a prank from this funny pilot. I mean, who would put the lives of more than 800 passengers on the hand of a blind pilot, right?

When they say to take it by mouth, we usually call it taking it orally. Rectally, on the other hand, is a very different approach.

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