28 Awesomely Unique Doodles Merged With Shadows In Clever Ways

Filmmaker and doodler Vincent Bal from Belgium aspired to be a comic strip maker, but life lead him to take a different road. As a director, Vincent’s drawing skills came in very handy. After working on a script one night, he noticed his teacup made an interesting shadow on a piece of paper. From there, a few lines were added and the shadow suddenly became an elephant. After posting the image on Facebook, it received a lot of positive attention so Vincent now posts one doodle a day. Take a look!
Website: VincentBal

Arty Choke

Birdy On Shore Leaf

After Shaving, Captain Blackbeard Has Lost Some Of His Authority

Car Charged Cuisine

Colonel Brushtache

He Was Going To Comb The City For A Better Hairdresser

Cool Camel

Corky Mariachi

Dinner Music

Doesn’t Want To Draw Attention

Escape From Alcaglass

Half Normal Glasses, Half Shades, Fully Crazy

Heatwave In Belgium: We Want A Bottle Of Snow

Homer Stinkson

We love how Vincent looks at a shadow and is able to completely transform it into an awesome drawing. It takes him less than half an hour to see a concept and bring it to life. Vincent clearly has a keen eye and a natural flare for creativity. When talking about his doodles, Vincent says ‘I love the freedom. There are no restrictions. I can just watch a shadow and see if i recognize a shape.’ Keep going to see more awesome shadow/doodle creations!

Hotel Pool Bottle

Juggling Is Berry Easy

Look At The Stars

Love On Shadow Beach

Nailing It On The Bridge

Saturday. Don’t Forget To Dance

Scissors See Rock

Sieve Thief

With So Many Loose Ends, This Clearly Was A Case For Stapler Man

The Catch Of The Day

The End Of Hipster Beards

Onions Nearly Always Made The Lonely Octopus Cry

Tic Tac Train Traveler 

Wood You Like To Confess?