10 Images Showing What It Would Be Like If Disney Princesses Were Dark And Creepy

Traditionally, Disney princesses are portrayed as beautiful and innocent. They are designed to be family friendly and super loveable. However, here we show some of your favorite characters in a whole new light. Talented artist Jeffrey Thomas from California, who specializes in designing cartoons and characters, has transformed the princesses with a dark and creepy makeover. We love the results, take a look and see what you make of them!
Website: DeviantArt

Ariel looking like a zombie!

We wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this Jasmine. 

This Belle is more suited to her beast lover.

The lack of eyes here is haunting!

Sleeping Beauty has awoken, and she is not the same girl anymore.

Pocahontas was always bad ass but now even more so!

Be wary of this Blue Fairy…

Cinderella has been cursed.

Esmeralda being taken over by her dark side.

Mulan has had enough and wants payback.