This Disney Princess Lingerie Has Been Causing Debates All Over The Internet

Whilst it’s true that Disney and its characters are predominantly aimed at younger audiences, many adults are hard core fans also. Countless people find enjoyment out of dressing up as their favorite Disney idols on special occasions such as Halloween or fancy dress parties, but, have you ever thought of Disney in a different way, a raunchy one, perhaps? The website ‘Yandy’ which sells lingerie have released a new line of underwear with the theme being Disney princesses. They retail at roughly $30 depending on what you choose. Take a look below to see some examples of the sets!
Website: Yandy

Under Water Fantasy Princess – Ariel

Sleepless Fantasy Princess – Aurora

Mademoiselle Fantasy Princess – Belle

Midnight Curfew Princess – Cinderella 

Ice Queen – Elsa

Forest Queen 

As you may have guessed, the lingerie has caused some controversy with people’s opinions divided. Some think it’s ridiculous to sexualize something that is supposed to bring joy to children. Whereas others don’t see any issues with the underwear sets as what people enjoy in the comfort of their own homes is their private business. Which side of the argument are you on? Let us know your opinions on the subject in the comments section below! 

Arabian Nights Fantasy Princess – Jasmine

New Land Fantasy Princess – Pocahontas 

Poisoned Apple Princess – Snow White